As I have continued to train with him, my overall body strength has tremendously increased and I feel better than I have in 25 years! I can do daily household chores, (vacuum my stairs is a big one), carry loads of groceries, yard work, (carried and laid river rock in our landscaping this summer) lift and carry the littles (babies and toddlers) in my neighborhood, be a walking tourist on vacation-all of this WITHOUT ANY BACK PAIN, muscle tightness, soreness or fatigue!!! I could go on and on about the many, many, many benefits of my training with him!!!!

Overall, for me personal training with Dan has been INFINITELY more effective than physical therapy and/or medications!!!!

Joanne M.

I would highly recommend Dan McCallister as a personal trainer. I am 61 years old and I have trained with Dan for nearly 2 years. Initially I wanted to look better in a dress for my daughter’s wedding which I definitely did look better. However, the results I had achieved with Dan’s excellent and professional training have kept me coming back twice a week long after the wedding (not to mention a waiting list if I stopped).

Dan’s passion for highly competent training keeps me motivated to continue. I am very active and enjoy horseback riding as well as caring for my horse which involves lifting 50 lb bales of hay which I can do without injury thanks to Dan. He keeps meticulous records of my workouts so I continue to gain strength. His sense of humor also makes the hard workouts easier. He also does corrective exercises when I injure myself at home. Dan is true training professional.

Roxanne P.

I've been working with Dan for 2 years now. As a former college swimmer and a current Master swimmer, I have found Dan's workouts to be truly amazing. He makes sure each exercise achieves the desired goals but also is constantly evaluating the client. He is creative and passionate about his career and it shows through the quality and complexity of the workouts in addition to his friendly personality. He is constantly looking to be innovative with exercises and I love that he tries it out first before giving it to his clients. I really love working out with Dan, even though sometimes I can't walk for days because he hit my legs pretty hard. I know I am going to stay in shape and healthy during the busiest times of the year.

Heidi C.

Dan's been the Senior Elite dryland coach for the Lakota YMCA Stingray swim team for 2 seasons now. In Dan's first season working with our team, he transformed a young man who had very limited range of motion by increasing his flexibility and correcting his posture in just 3 short months. This young man went on to make 5 YMCA National cuts. Swimming requires a complex system of movements that involves muscular flexibility and strength. Not every trainer has the knowledge and ability to create a program for high school age swimmers that does not restrict range of motion or cause injury. We are so impressed with Dan's knowledge and abilities, as well as the immediate impact that his training has made on our swimmers' performances. He was a critical component to our team, achieving its first YMCA National Champion. We are excited to continue this partnership.

Lakota YMCA Stingray Swim Team

I have been working at my local YMCA for the past six years, and met Dan four years ago. Back then, I was 5’11 and approaching 280 pounds. I started training with Dan a year later, and after changing my attitude about nutrition and exercise, I was able to lose 110 pounds over the course of a year with his help. I am now a college junior, and in the best shape I’ve ever been in. Dan’s comprehensive and holistic training approach focuses on developing an individualized plan tailored for each of his clients. He truly gets to know you on a personal level, and is kind, humorous, and relatable—all while pushing you to be your best self every day. I cannot recommend Dan enough. He’s an amazing trainer, and an even better person.

Adam R.

Dan's conditioning course for our boys U12 and U9 soccer teams was amazing. It was a blast for the kids, but worked them hard building their core strength and endurance. Both teams have shown great improvement in our 2nd half game play. Thanks Dan!

Michael G.